Scavenger Droid Surviving Hostlie PlanetEdit

This article is constantly being updated. So forgive me if it sometimes is a bit of a mess or repeats itself.

This is a developer article and will not be part of the game documentation.

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Quick points

  • A stranded droid has to scavenge a hostile world to survive after crashing.
  • Top down. 2D Graphics.
  • No save function, except on exiting. Permanent death.
  • Weapons and equipment will be crafted out of harvested minerals
  • When resource needs go up the droid will have to create resource farms and move resources to a location which can be defended, which will turn into a base.
  • Later in the game there will be lots of bases from which exploration can take place. Native organisms will attack bases and try to steal resources. Some kind of dynamic world will drive the game.

Enemies and Native Organisms

The world will ofcourse be filled with dangers. However not evil monsters  but rather organisms that try to survive. The evil monster is actually the Droid who has to hunt organisma and loot their territories to survive. The ide is to make the player feel that the creatures have their own lifes and the conflict will be about compeeting for resources. There can also be predators that are dangeorous and hostile. Slime balls ( would be an excellent simple organism that can be hunted to gather slime for energy.

Other visitorsEdit

There could be other visitors on the planet. Star travellers from another civilasation? Maybe intelligent machines? They are searching for something and making bases and using resources. They can look polished and smooth, hi tech. An enemy for a later game when the droid is more powerfull. Also it could be some exciting side quests.Edit


The Droid is a research exploration machine that will craft equipment and upgrade itself. In the beginning it can look smooth and precise, but once it starts replace its parts it should look like it is built by improvised tools and materials.

Not like this

But more like this:

Cables, Dirt, Moving parts, Steam? (steampunk inspiration maybe?), not symettrical. Droid does not have acces to industry manufacture standards. The upgrading is actually NOT something it is programmed to do but a consequence of is Artificial Intelligence improvising to survive. :D  


To make it easier to code a complex game being a small team the game will be made in iterations. Each one will be a working game, even if the first ones will not be that interasting.

I 1

Simple shooter with spawning enemies and pickups

I 2

Simple harvesting added. Simple crafting and upgrades.

I 3

World map and area exploration.


Full game.

Early game.

Droid is weak and needs energy to survive. If droid runs out it means game over. First part of game would be to explore the strange new world and learn what is dangerous and learn how to get a reliable source of energy. First weapons need to be manufactured from resources. Ammunition as well. Its costly and every bullet counts.

Mide game

Crafting tools from resources gives access to better technology and the ability to create resource farms. These have to be protected from other lifeforms who also scavenge for resources.

Droid can bulde defenses but have to leave the defended resource farm areas to scavenge for new things and move forward in the game. Eventually the base will have to be moved because distances will be too far to travel back and forth.

Machines can be made mobile and programmed and equipped for different functions such as scouting, battle, mining and even crafting and thus become a production unit.

Eventually autonomous droids can be built which can help in combat, guard areas, carry loot etc.

Late game

At a later stage resources are to scarce and the truly rich zones must be inhabited to stay alive and progress. These zonez are inhabited by hive creatures that will attack constantly in waves to expel the intruder. It will be impossible to survive there without lots of resources and armed drones that act as defensive turrets. The invasion will be costfull fand must yield more resources than it costs. w

From the start Droid will be guided by its emergency system which will give messages guiding the player. I will act as the game tutorial. To keep the player busy and driven the emergency system will suggest goals to escape the planet. Such as getting enough energy to start Droid communications system to broadcast a SOS signa. When the goal is reached the system is not strong enough to broadcast interplanetary so the emergency system will suggest next more komplex step like building a antenna and so on.

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