The green slime is actually a gigantic collaboration of one celled organisms. They come in different forms.


Slime BallsEdit

Slime balls move around randomly sucking nutrition from the ground.

Slime Ball BehaviourEdit

If "scared" they move faste but still very randomly. If provoked the may do a suicidal attack throwing itself on to the enemy using a part of its mass as fuel to explode. This will leave about 25% of the slime after the explotion. This is the pick up that the player gets. Its slime that can be used as a resource.


Spawns from SlimePools. When a slime ball has found enough nutrition it will go back to the spawn pool it came from and fuse with it, returning more mass to the pool that it took to create it. This keeps the spawning pool healthy and makes it grow.


Blops are mature slime pools which divide ant turns into giant slime creature. A Blop. The Blop leaves the spawning pool which is then at only 30% (the Blop taking 70% of the mass with itself).

Blop BehaviourEdit

If provoked the Blop will fight in a very basic way. It will move to take less fire and it will return fire. It fires chunks of Slime that can hit the player as slime fueled fire bomb OR if it misses it will turn into a Slime Ball on the ground which will seek the player and explode on contact.

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