Slime Tube is a plant that grows and produces slime. It can be harvested for slime, or cut down and replanted to make it reproduce into more Slime Tubes creating a farm with lots of time and effort. When it is full grown it will produce slime.

Use Edit

Concists of 3 tube segments.

When it has less then three tubes it will grow but wont produce slime.

When there are three segments it will produce slime. Slime can be harvested and will produce more.

A SlimeTube with no slime can be cut down and yields tube segments. SlimeTube states :

  • 3 Tubes. Healthy. Has slime and can be harvested.
  • 3 Tubes. Mature. Will produce slime.
  • 2 Tubes. Immature. Will grow a third segment.
  • 1 Tube.. Immature. Will grow a second segment.

Tubes Edit

Tubes can be planted to grow more tubes. To plant a new SlimeTube three Tubes are required and some slime. It needs to be planted in Soil. It will then start to grow and when it is Mature it will start to produce slime. Tubes can also be refined into TubeLastics in the BioRecycler. Tubelastics is like plastic to craft stuff.

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